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Ubermonster Energy Drink

Monster Energy is one of the best selling energy drinks of all time.  In an environment where the only beverage segment which is actually making any money is in their kind of product, you would think they would be sitting tall, not needing to do much to keep a solid brand going.  After all, Red Bull has only recently tried coming out with different products, and even still just has Regular, Diet and an energy shot as products.

Not so for the Monster Juggernaut.  They seem to be coming out with different drinks every month – and they are all unique, from their teeny glass M3 to their Hybrid line, there is always something new they seem to be working on.
Their latest offering is a very unique and expensive bottle of brewed energy, something with milk and barley in it, and is one of the most original products for an energy beverage ever, let alone one from one of the biggest producers of energy drinks.  The uniquely packaged drink is widely available, even through they go for about twice as much as their normal energy drinks.  
Sometimes great things do come in great packages.  While I am not sure they are going to worth it for a daily energy boost, Monster has come up with a very cool elite product.
The bottle got quite a few looks from the co-workers around me.  Not because it looked like a beer – but because it looked like nothing they have seen before.  It like a Mickeys bottle, only much more swank with crowns, gold lettering and gryphons adorning the old english gothic fonts.  I really enjoyed the shape of the unique bottle.  It felt good to be lugging around this heavy chunk of glass with the giant M on it – like I was carrying a weapon and even had the energy to use it.
I was not expecting Monster to have to come with a real bottle cap on their enormous bottle.  I liked it well enough, but was totally at a loss as to how to open my drink at work.  It is not like I regularly carry bottle openers around with me, and I still have not mastered how to pry one off with a tabletop.  I guess I could have been extra classy and just used the side of a lighter, but I went for my keys instead, which led me to fiddling with this drink for a good 5 minutes to pry it off.  If I read their writings on the back, I would have seen how rather than fix the bottle cap problem, instead they warned the drinker that it would be hard to pry off.  Thanks… 
Of course one of the benefits to having such a big lid is having such a wide-mouthed bottle.  The smooth fizzy Monster taste poured easily into my gullet as fast as I could drink it – no waiting for air on this one.  I probably could have shotgunned it if I were not in the middle of lunch at Big Corporate Machine.   
The problem with this bottle is the same as all the monsters – a refusal to list the caffeine content, as well as all the other good stuff they packed in here.  This brew has radically different ingredients in it than their other drinks – and this change should be celebrated.  While there is caffeine and the usual energy drink stuff, there are some cool changes to the formula they should have mentioned.  Rather than explaining what Uber means ( I think we all know that one) they should have mentioned the real difference in energy blend.
Right after I took off that damnable cap, I poured a little into a glass to check it out.  My first thought is this was a real bummer, paying five bucks for something that looked, smelled and would most likely taste like a plain ol’ Monster green can.  And, for all the differences they used in their ingredients and brewing practices, this still tastes very much like a Monster.  That being said – this does not taste like your average green can either.  While they might have started out with a Monster taste, it has blossomed to a whole different animal.  This tastes creamier, deeper and more complex in flavors than you would traditionally find.  While it does not actually taste brewed like a beer, you can definitely taste that there is something going on in that formula which is much more interesting than you would originally believe.
Yes, if you chug it there is very little difference, but if you pour this and a green Monster into separate glasses and taste them, you can really see why this drink costs over twice what they put into a can.  This has almost the same calorie content as a regular Monster does, only the taste is far superior.  
This is where things get hazy.  Although it is obvious that Ubermonster contains quite a lot of interesting ingredients, you would never know it if you did not examine the ingredients list closely.  For example, Ubermonster has Reservatrol, the good stuff found in red wine.  There is also Quercetin in here – the stuff they are touting in lance Armstrong’s FRS energy.  
Besides that, there is the usual energy drink stuff, like B vitamin complex and Taurine and Ginseng and Glucurolactone – the energy blend we have all grown to love.Of course we have no idea exactly how much caffeine i in here, but it feels like there is more than the usual 160mg dosage.  I really felt lifted from this – although not to the point that I was jittering or off edge.  It felt like there was around 180-220mg of caffeine in here, and I appreciated the burst of energy.
Unfortunately, that comes with a price.  The crash is also noticeable – especially in a big meeting where I was trying to be alert and awake while listening to slides of projected growth and budget plans.  if it were not for a couple excruciating leg cramps from working out a few days before I would have not made it through with my eyes open.  
Is it worth the big price tag?  It depends.  If you are looking for a very Germanic elite energy drink for a special occasion, this might be a fun thing to get.  I can see bringing this to fancier places or a way to show off your tastes.  However, if you are just needing something to pick yourself up and get moving, there are better and cheaper alternatives from the Monster lineup.

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