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Venom Killer Taipan Mango energy drink

Venom Energy drink has taken new adorable form in my grocery store.  Along with tiny taster-sized drinks of Monster on sale for cheap, they also had these handy squat cans of Venom energy + Mango, the Killer Taipan flavor.  Like their big drinks it has the silly snake eyeball front and center, with dripping yellow venom leaking out of the V and M fangs.  In their big thermos sized cans the design looked lost, however in these shorty cans it really works to its advantage

I am a sucker for a fun package, and without a doubt bought this strictly for the little cans.  I was not a huge fan of the Venom line of drinks before, as they just seemed much like a clone without anything new to offer.  However, these little cans did exactly what they were made to do. They enticed me into a purchase, got me to try out something I might not have gotten before, and changed my mind about their entire product line.  Killer Taipan is a very uniquely flavored energy drink and something I would definitely try again.  Although I was not blown away by them, I would certainly not turn away from them either.  This was a tasty drink with a decent amount of energy ingredients in it.

Although I was not a huge Venom drinker, I bought Killer Taipan because of the cute 8 ounce can it came in, and the cheap sample-sized cost.  It was all short and squat – it seemed like something you would give away in a trick-or-treat bag on Halloween, and only cost me less than a buck to try it out.  The Halloween motif was extra pronounced by their  cool lizard design on this can.  Even with the scary art, the size makes it look just looks so adorable! While this would have been extra cool if they managed to get this into their cool thermos design – in an 8 ounce drink it really is not needed.  In fact, because of the shape o the can you really don’t think that this holds the same amount in it as a can of red bull or any other slim energy drink.

Even being short in stature, it still manages to list caffeine, all energy drink stuff and double face their label.  The only thing this is missing is a cool lid that faces the correct direction ( so the logo faces outward while you slug it down) but that point is minor.  While they are not going to win any wards for uniqueness, I really did enjoy these little grenade sized cans.

As for the Mango part of this Killer Taipan, that might be a mango taste buried in there – but in a supersweet Dum Dum lollipop kinda way. This could have been Pineapple or just a tropical island flavor just as much as mango flavor, but that does not really matter. Because, on the whole, this tasted really really good! I enjoyed the tart citrus and the sweet sugariness – like a Pina Colada.  In fact, mixing this with a couple shots of rum would be unbelievably good.

This tastes yummy enough it is hard to compare with other energy drinks.  This tastes more like a good soda than anything loaded with caffeine, b-vitmins and taurine.  You wan’t taste any energy blend in here at all – instead all you have is the almost overwhelming soda  sweetness coating your mouth.

Even in this little can, there is tons of sugar to crash on, and the absolutely normal 80mg caffeine per 8oz serving. There are about 120 calories in herer – which is a lot for a pop but about average for a full sugar energy drink. Expect the same energy drink mix too – taurine, glucuronolactone, l-carnitine, inositol, maltodextrin, ginseng, B Vitamins and guarana.

I would love for Venom to reach out of the box here, and go for a more unique and original blend of herbs here – as opposed to going for the standard energy drink mix.  This is not a bad amount of energy and caffeine – it is just what you will find in Full Throttles and Amps and all the energy drinks that are put out by Pepsi and Monster.  For a drink with a cool package and delicious taste, it would have been great to see them add something a bit more powerful in here too.

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