Posted December 14, 2009 by Big Red Boots in Brewed Coffee

Wake the Fu*k Up Coffee

Caffeine is more a vitamin than a drug. If I don’t have enough running in my bloodstream, drowsiness and sluggishness occurs. I even have my Recommended Daily Allowance. To that end I find myself going for the jug of coffee every morning, even whilst knowing I will be enjoying some extra caffeinated samples later in the day. I just find that there is something very special to waking up with a good hot roast. This is why I love the idea of the new Figueroa Brothers blend, “Wake the Fuck Up Coffee”. I have been brewing and drinking this straight for almost two weeks, making a fresh pot or two every morning. Yes, I still down an energy drink or two later on in the day, but as they say, a morning without coffee is like sleep.

What is so special about WTFU? Not much is really known about the drink itself, besides that it is a secret blend of Costa Rican and Brazilian coffees roasted and ground in Louisiana, with a little southern charm thrown in. What is known is the great packaging label on the black package of ground beans, getting smiles from all that look at it.

One thing is for sure, this is a very serious cup of fuckin’ coffee flavored coffee. What it isn’t are all the things I am used to seeing with my coffee house coffees. This isn’t cappuccino blend or Chai Cinnamon Latte blend or Triple Infused Hazelnut Crunch Shade Grown Sumatran blend. Its coffee. The kind that they used to brew all over the country in 10 gallon metal canisters and drip cans on hot pots. While I read that WTFU comes in 5 other flavors too, somehow, a Chocolate Macadamia Nut latte does not scream WAKE THE FUCK UP as much as just a plain good roasted old fashioned coffee does.

In terms of energy, what do you want? its fucking coffee. No shade grown,organic, extra caffeinated, grade AA extra large bean to be found – It is just a decent coffee in a funny bag. Drink two pots and tell me you are sleepy. Millions of 2am Denny’s drinkers can’t be wrong.

Not being a real special blend of coffees does have a price. And that is that this coffee is tastes like coffee. No special roasts, no special beans, it is just coffee of the most basic and simple variety. I did find some aftertaste of chicory, owing to their New Orleans background, but it is superficial. A sip hinted of lemons and peanuts, and had a slightly richer darker flavor than a straight Costa Rican coffee, which might be a bit of espresso bean coming through. Really, It was slightly muddy and not very clear, on par with most middle end supermarket coffees. But come on now. It is not like you get this package for the coffee.

I am a sucker for a good ad campaign. Unlike Meth coffee, which went all out with their marketing and packaging, this one is a really funny label slapped onto a black vacuum packed bag. No real thought besides this cool sticker, no real excitement – just a cool label. Mind you, it is a very cool label, and a really funny drawing, but you can even peel the label off and stick it to whatever coffee you are drinking at the time. I love the idea. LOVE IT. But just making a funny sticker on a regular bag just does not speak of packaging excellence the same way as actually getting it printed ON the bag, creating an interesting or unique package or creating anything more creative than just a funny sticker.

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