Posted July 2, 2012 by Big Red Boots in straight up energy drink

Whoopass Zero energy drink

There is so much to love in Whoopass Zero energy.  I had this can of Whoopass I bought from Rocket Fizz a couple months ago, and I was just waiting for a hot summer’s day to try it out.  Once the temp drove to a boiling 105 degrees, I knew it was time to break tis bad boy out of Bertha, my energy drink fridge.  While I am not so much for the whole Iron Cross thing, I am all for Whoopass Zero, one of the tastiest energy drinks I have had in a really long time.

Thing is, I am still not comfortable with all the Iron Cross imagery.  Firstly, there is the whole glorification of German Wartime which goes against all my Jewish heritage.  Secondly, I understand how the Iron Cross is supposed to be all about non-conformity and rebellion, but it is has not been rebellious for about 40 years. I get the whole Choppers thing – I love nothing more than spending a day fixing that one mod to make my ride go a little faster or look a little better – but I don’t need to sport the symbol of German Pride to do it.

Not to mention, just putting it on a can to sell drinks seems like missing the point entirely.

That being said, I do like much about Whoopass regardless. I like the minimalism on the can – just stark black writing on white – with jut enough of a explanatory paragraph to get the point across.  The can is double faced, and they were even kind enough to list their caffeine content along with all the other good stuff they put in here.  Even if you are not into bikers or choppers or Fascists this can is still well done.

Whoopass Zero is one of the better tasting energy drinks out there, especially on a hot summers day. Upon popping the top, there was a whiff of lemon and tea – very herbal and delicious.  The first sip was just as good as the smell – enough that I had to share it with my wife – who is not really a fan of the energy drink.  Even she was impressed by the flavor – not at all like anything else out there on the market.  It is great that rather than go for a clone of Red Bull, Whoopass went for their own taste – like a peppered lemon, or a sweet green tea.  My wife thought it tasted like a melted lemon drop – which I could see as well.  There is a slight medicinal edge, but I did not really see this as a bad thing at all, and added to the unique flavor of the drink as a whole.

Even the aftertaste was nice.  It was a little creamy, and the whole drink went down so smoothly it was little to easy to slam back the entire 16 ounces in one or two big gulps.  

It might have been because I drank this can of Whoopass so quickly that the rush of energy hit me so hard, but you can definitely feel the buzz of caffeine as it hits your bloodstream.  There is 200mg of straight caffeine in here, an that does not count the caffeine that comes from the green tea and yerba mate as well.  While I did not get a jittery good time, I would say that it got pretty close.  Either way, I definitely felt the buzz this can contains, and will gladly come back for more.

On top of that, it has the amino acids Lysine, (like 5 hour energy) and Carnitine, which is a very popular workout supplement.  Of course, it would not be considered a real energy drink without the overload of B vitamins and Taurine, which Whoopass Zero has aplenty.  They also stayed away from sucralose, just using Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K) to sweeten things up.

The can is way cool, flavor is fantastic and the buzz is potent and fulfilling.  If you find yourself wandering the aisles on your favorite soda store and come across this gem, even with the silly cross on the front I would not pass opening a can of this Whoopass up.

Big Red Boots