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Wide Eye Mango Chili Schnapps

Mangoes, chilis, caffeine and booze – what can go wrong? Turns out – more than I would have thought. This is the second time I tried a Wide Eye , and like last time, It just does not live up to my boozy expectations. For the price of this drink – and for the price of all the advertising I have seen for Wide Awake, I was expecting something unique and memorable. OK – I got it because all of the FDA stuff has gotten distributors scared, and they are now pawning off all their caffeine alcohols for dirt cheap – but Wide Eye used to act like a Big Playa in the world of Liquer. I am more or less a fan of interesting Big Playa liqueurs, but this certainly did not inspire the same awe a person feels the first time they try Goldschlager, Rumple Minze or Jagermeister. This more or less tasted like a bargain schnapps you could have found next to the peach schnapps or Gallon Jugs of Triple sec and discount peppermint.

The bottle is not really unique in shape, but it has a cool tribal pattern stuck on it, followed by some Old-English script, which looks nice enough.The liquid in inside runs clear, and the design still attracts enough attention to make me want to to give this a try. Unfortunately, We don’t get any other information on the bottle, except the alcohol content, governmental warnings on drinking alcohol – and a website. Not great – but the lovely design on the front does go a long way.

However, there is a little really stupid paragraph on back telling me this should be served as “cold as my soul.” Now I know that I’ve been warned that I can be as cold as ice, and I’m Willing to sacrifice our love – that I never take advice, but that someday I’ll pay the price. But I have never thought I would pay the price in bad tasting harsh schnapps. Maybe next time Mick Jones could write them a better prescriptive paragraph.

This is really what threw me. This should taste amazing, right? What better combination than mangoes and chilis? I have been a huge fan of mangoes and chili powder for many years as a dessert snack. There is nothing better than hanging out on a Mexican beach chewing down on chili spiced mango on a stick. In alcohol, this should be KILLER! Instead, I actually ended up pouring a little down the drain (gasp! wasted booze!). This is no mango. This is no chili. It is a sour fruity concoction that does not work in anything but mixed drinks with enough rum and OJ to kill the taste. Good luck drinking this straight too. The whole reason to have it cold is to try to hide some of the poor flavor.

For a drink that advertises caffeine on the label, and even got in trouble with the FDA for advertising this would keep you awake – I would imagine there is enough caffeine to feel like you do drinking coffee beers, Caffeinated vodkas and old Four Loko. But this was just not the case here. For the gimmick of having caffeine in their liqueur, they really cut back. The limit for caffeine in alcohol, at this time, is 22 parts per million. This can work out to be a decent amount if you drink enough of it. But in this case, my guess is they cut it way back to 12-13ppm – not enough to feel anything, but enough to put “Liqueur with Caffeine” on the label without lying. They also leave a relatively low alcohol content in here, going for 30 proof – instead of a stronger and more interesting mix. While not bad – for the genre – this product certainly does not stand out.

For the same kind of experience, but with a much better buzz, I wold suggest a rockstar punched or Monster Khaos, and pour in a couple shots of Apricot Brandy and cal it a tastier night.

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