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Wired Waffles

I have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and I know it to be one usually filled with the best foods.  This is the time that sweet, gooey and creamy enter our vocabularies, and sitting down with a warmed up donut or dunking milk on sugar frosted crunchy sweets just make sense.  This is also the time for sweet sweet caffeine, and it just makes sense to pair the two of them up.  I have had a couple interesting morning caffeinated pairings outside the normal cuppa’ joe, including caffeinated orange juice and energy oatmeal, but these thick sweet caffeinated waffles take the….cake.

These delicious Belgian-style caffeinated waffles even come from some place in my home base of Denver.   Now if only I could find the warehouse, I might be able to get these fresh off the line like a Krispy Kreme!  Then I really would need to stock up of the Rutaesomn, making a sort of energy waffle speedball until I was rushed to the hospital.  Sadly though, they seem to be nowhere around here, and just available on-line and if you live in the mecca of all that’s caffeinated: Seattle.

I really enjoy the downhome-iness of the package, like this was cellophane wrapped for me in a kitchen and not really in some factory.  They just saran wrapped the thing (more lake cellophaned, but you get the idea), slapped the label that was just printed out from a decent printer and called it good.  I think this would have lost much of its charm had it been wrapped up like a Hostess treat – all pretty and corporate-ified.

I have also seen quite a few other wrappers for this on the internet, with varying degrees of cool.  The one interesting thing to note is that they now don’t print the caffeine content, although many of the other versions did.  While I am all for tweaking and changing up graphics, that bit of info would have been very nice to know, and it’s a bummer they left it off.

Taste: Chocolate Chip:8 Cinnamon:9 Original:10
Wired Waffles come in three varieties; a chocolate chip one, Cinnamon and Regular.  All of them do not need any sugar or maple syrup, as they have the pearl sugar baked into it.  While that certainly makes it an easier to-go snack, I miss not filling those little squares with sweet goo. I know that makes me a rube, as these are fancy authentic Belgian Liège waffles. Liège waffles are actually supposed to be sweetended pastry-like cakes, but to me I see squares and wanna fill them with things like whipped cream, raspberry jam or chunks of bacon.  Fortunately for me, the Makers of Wired Waffles also make a Wired Maple Syrup if I really wanted to take that sweet and sticky rush to the extreme.

Of all the flavors, I liked the original one the best, although I liked both of the others as well.  All three were great right out of the package in the fridge, but I am the kind of person who eats frozen lunches without microwaving them too.  After 20 seconds in the microwave they taste even better – soft yet still retaining much of its thick chewiness.  The consistency of the Wired Waffle stayed very nice and firm, not going soggy or limp – and the flavor was nicely but-not-overly sweet in all three.  I did find the chocolate chips a little overkill – and the quality of the chip chocolate not that impressive, but the cinnamon was dead on, and even in the original you could not taste any of the sweet caffeine that sets this awesome breakfast apart.

My one problem with the idea of wired waffles is they take such a long time to kick in!  No fault of the food itself, but waffles take a while to digest, and the caffeine that powers these yummy treats have a long road going form food ingredient to processed in the body, and that journey takes a good deal of time.  I managed to even (accidentally) take a nap on the commute to work (don’t worry, I usually take the bus when I fall asleep on the road) waiting for the buzz to kick in.  If you are needing a more immediate energy source I would wash this down with some coffee.

I do appreciate the natural ingredients, especially because this is a decent sized breakfast treat and therefore something that should get you through the morning as well.  The ingredients list in Wired Waffles is exactly what it should be; flour, sugar, butter , eggs, yeast, salt, vanilla. Note the lack of preservative laden bullcrap that usually ges into this kind of thing. That means that although this has 350 calories, it is not just empty. There are 7 grams protein , as well as carbs to keep you moving until lunchtime. No, this is not the same as grabbing a yogurt, but for a delicious treat – it is better for you than a package of Eggos or Pop Tarts. And, when the caffeine does kick in, the 200mg of caffeine powering these babies is right on the money to keep you powered up for hours on end! While I would not necessarily call this a breakfast of champions, for a couple mornings it certainly made my life easier to cope with.

Big Red Boots