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Zoned Concentration Energy pills

Get Zoned is in a very new section of caffeinated supplements, called Nootropics. These are products loaded with things like Ginko Biloba, Theanine and other ingredients that are supposedly memory enhancers, cognitive enhancers, and intelligence enhancers. I love the idea of brain drugs, especially because I had enough expriences in college to burn out many many brain cells – and what is left has to put in some overtime to compensate.

Zoned is one of those pills, loaded with a very interesting and completely unique memory boosting blend of ingredients.  Their main focus is increased focus and energy, although I also found that this helped be able to multi-task better as well.  The guy behind Zoned created this for his stint in grad school, and made this as opposed to turning to more expensiveand possibly illegal substanced like Adderall instead.   While I don’t know what he was going to grad school for, I will bet it is something unique and brilliant – just like his little pills are.

While I did not get an actual 30 pill package, Zoned was nice enough to send along what the packaging looked like, only mine was in a little ziploc baggie.  I do like the overall design – as it is very clean and minimal.  Basically, it is some gears with a very thin Futura font.  However, the fact that it was a simple black a white print gave it a very artisan homemade look – something that works for beer but not necessarily pills.  I would add a little color, maybe a little leaf or shaft of barley would help give this that extra professional look.

The real problem I have with this is that they dumped all their ingredients into a proprietary energy blend, so you have no idea how much caffeine you are actually consuming.  Even drugs like Excedrin they list the caffeine content.  I understand they don’t want anyone copying their secret formula, but knowing if this is caffeinated to affect someones sleep or nighttime study would be a good thing.

Coding is tiring work.  It is not the same tired you get from replacing sheet rock and hanging drywall, but the kind of tired where you are processing too much information at the same time and you can just not turn your head off.  I  gave Get Zoned a couple good tries, first with the recommended one pill, and then the other two days I gave it two pills to see the effect.  The thing is with pills, the effect is different than if you took it as a shot or drink.  I popped the pills and waited to see what sparks would fly.   The odd thing is that I did not get any sort of blast or energy from any of them.  However, I did notice a few other cool results.  For one, I did not feel like I needed to hook myself up to the office coffee machine like I usually do in the mornings.  I actually had too much work I was in the middle of to take a coffee break – and just plowed through my morning of coding and got a ton of work done.   Both days I got very little sleep – but still kept the focus I needed for a full day’s development.  I am not sure I would have this every day, but it would be cool to have this in a secret arsenal for those days when I needed extra concentration and focus.  This is the equivalent of a NOS shot to the brain – giving it an extra Oomph when you want to get ahead.

One thing worth mentioning is they clearly point out that they used Kosher Gelatin capsules, so if you are in for a long night of Talmud study Zoned might just be the thing you need.

The ingredients list in Zoned Up is one of the more interesting blends I have seen.  There are only five ingredients in here, and even I have only heard of three of them.  Each pill contains a blend of sulbutiamine, choline, caffeine, schizandrol-A and hordenine.  My guess is unless you are a  scientist or have a vitamin B deficiency.   Sulbutiamine is a derivative of Thiamin (B1), and seems in scientific studies help with memory loss – as well as helping psycho-behavioural inhibition, in other words shyness.  Choline is found in tons of foods, but is still considered to be a brain-booster. The oddest one in here is Hordenine – which is used in animal feed and sold as a weight loss supplement. According to Zoned’s website, hordenine releases metabolism increasing agents, boosts energy and helps to burn fat.

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