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Baboom Energy Spray

I was recently introduced to an innovative drug company, concerned with pharmaceuticals and innovative medicine delivery systems. Why was I dealing with a world renowned company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of drug delivery systems and technologies? because, while they do make their product into Oral Insulin for people with Diabetes, they also used it to make BaBoom! Energy Spray, using their same technology to deliver a blast of energy right into your bloodstream. Great idea, if it is carried out correctly.

After a little phone and email tag, I got this awesome looking dynamite stick in the mail, only it was a little Binaca sized spray, only without any alcohol and full of energy drink ingredients, like Glucose, Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6. I loved the idea, a cool watermelon flavor sprayed into the mouth and absorbed into the bloodstream for rapid action. Impressed, I got hold of Bill Abajian, the senior executive advisor for global business development at Generex Biotechnology.

Big Red Boots: How did you come up with the idea for the spray? It Is a unique idea not really pushed on the convenience store counters .
Bill Abajian: BaBOOM!™ Energy Spray came about because Generex Biotechnology is always looking to expand into new markets and leverage its drug delivery technology… we knew that developing an energy spray would be perfect for this market We are now aggressively targeting the c-stores …

Big Red Boots: Is there a story behind the great name? how did it come about?
Bill Abajian: We wanted the brand and packaging to be edgy, sexy and appealing to customers, but also to describe what the product does and what the technology is capable of doing… We went to the drawing board and brainstormed a few ideas, and came up with some pretty ridiculous names and some names that would be very recognizable to the consumer. We loved “BAM!” as Emeril Lagasse would say, but it was already trademarked. With this inspiration and the fact that our product gives an explosive burst of energy, we decided to carry this into the brand name and came up with the name BaBOOM!™ and the package that looks like a stick of dynamite. Dynamite has an instant and long-lasting effect once detonated, and BaBOOM!™ Energy Spray does the same – but without the actual explosion of course!

Big Red Boots: So far, what has been the biggest challenge with this product?
Bill Abajian: The biggest challenge so far has been to inform consumers of the value-added benefits of using an oral energy spray rather than drinks or shots. We are educating the consumer that BaBOOM!™ Energy Spray is faster-acting, more convenient and has multiple servings in a single container.

Big Red Boots: I saw this is mainly for sale over the phone – do you have plans for a global sweep to get Baboom into energy fanatic’s jittery mitts?
Bill Abajian: Absolutely. For any product that we develop, we think of the global marketplace. Over the years we have built relationships with leading distributors in their respective territories and continue to broaden our network of distributors that can serve their market effectively. BaBOOM!™ can be ordered online (www.baboomenergyspray.com) or over the phone (1-800-391-6755), and we are working to develop additional distribution channels in the US.

Big Red Boots: Are you selling this internationally? Where are you based?
Bill Abajian: Yes. Beyond North America we are currently selling BaBOOM!™ Energy Spray in the Middle East, and we are signing up master distributors in Africa, the Russian Federation, Asia, India, Latin and South America, and of course Europe. Our head office is in Toronto, but we also have offices in the US and the Middle East.

Big Red Boots: Why did you pick the ingredients you use in your drinks? Energy spray works faster in your body than drinks – did that have a play into the nutrients you added?
We selected similar ingredients that all of the major energy drink and energy shot brands use, but we formulated it in a way that complements our delivery system. BaBOOM!™ Energy Spray has a much more rapid absorption than drinks or shots because absorption takes place in the mouth and enters the blood stream immediately, as opposed to being digested in the stomach before it can be absorbed.

Big Red Boots: Who is your main competition? Are you going for a niche market or going to try to take on the big energy drink boys – dominate a relatively new category, or just take on Kickers and the other new sprays
In the energy sector, all competition is good competition as we are all growing the market and trying to find our niche. To be the next Red Bull or 5-Hour would be nice, but realistically BaBOOM!™ serves a niche consumer who would otherwise not take an energy drink or shot, or who would not take that second or third serving during the day. Ultimately, the consumer will decide what is best for them and whether BaBOOM!™ will be a major player in the energy field.

Big Red Boots: Do you have a plan to come out with any other kinds of products, like shots and the rest?
If you are referring to developing other kinds of energy products, right now we are focusing our attention on building the BaBOOM!™ brand.

Big Red Boots: What is your target market for Baboom? What kind of customer base are you hoping to find?
Originally, BaBOOM!™ was targeted to 18- to 35-year-old males, however, we found that women were also using the product because BaBOOM!™ gives instant energy but has zero fat and only 2 calories per serving. In other words, “soccer moms” love this product since they are always on the go and looking for ways to keep their energy levels up without having to overload their bodies with calories and large doses of liquid… We are also seeing growing use among students, truck drivers and athletes.

Big Red Boots: Your design is more fun than functional – were you trying to reach a different theme and market than regular energy products? (i.e. baboom is for superheroes and 5 hour energy is for your grandma…)
Definitely, the design is more fun and edgy. That’s the point – BaBOOM!™ is a point of purchase sale, so the goal is to grab the attention of the consumer who goes to a convenience store to purchase chewing gum or whatever, sees BaBOOM!™ on the counter, and picks it up and buys it.

Big Red Boots: Why should we grab this as opposed to a Red Bull or Monster?
If you want instant energy, then BaBOOM!™ is your product. We positioned the product to be used either as a quick, standalone energy booster or as an energy supplement to other energy drinks or energy shots.
So after all this – what was my impression?
I think there is some really interesting things going on here. This is a revolutionary idea, a spray is even better than a gum or mints as immediate absorption. But there are some problems here. I looked all over the cool package, but finding how much caffeine and other nutrients I was taking per spray were nowhere to be found. I started with 5 sprays, and felt nothing. I moved up to 10 sprays, and felt a light lift that lasted for a little longer than an hour. Not wanting to go nuts, I got to about 12 shots and backed off – not knowing exactly what I was putting in myself.
Fortunately, my crazy coworker friend grabbed the bottle and did what I was too chicken to try, and did about 20 shots in a row. Later, he reported no effects at all. My wife also reported no effects, although she said it felt like ants were crawling on her tongue.
In terms of marketing, the packaging is cool, but should be much more emphasized this is from a pharmaceutical company, assuring the user that this is not as scary as so many people I showed the product to thought it was. Their website is not much help either, as it is just a shell, barely even registering as a marketing material. So even though the product is innovative, the flavor is OK and the package is freaking awesome, it is going to have a hard time with people unsure of what they are putting in themselves. Boost the amounts of caffeine and label it accordingly, fix your packaging and build yourself a real website and I think this product will have more than a serious chance. Nutrition/Buzz:5 Packaing:9 Taste: 7 Website:2

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