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Welcome to the new Possessedbycaffeine site! Things will be messy for a couple weeks while we move into our new home, but plan on having all the reviews, ratings and comments all back to rights soon. Thanks!
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News, Info and Reviews from the world's most popular drug


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Latest Posts
straight up energy drink

Rockstar Sparkling Energy

Rockstar comes out energy drink flavors on a very regular basis – and rarely do they have a whole lot of difference.  The latest incarnation is the new Sparkling Energy drinks, which come in both a peach and cherry f...
energy shot

EnergyRush PocketBooster

EnergyRush PocketBoost is a real mouthful, but fortunately is a decently tasting mouthful that works all right too.   I found EnergyRush at a local liquor store, positioned next to all the other cheap liquor shots.   ...

energy shot

Pounds Lost Energy shot

I love the idea of just taking a shot and you will magically lose wight, like some cool science fiction novel.  However, I am sure that if this ever turned into a real product it would end up more on the shelves of Horror ...

energy juice

Popeye energy drink – Clobberin Clementine

“When you’ve had all ya can stands and ya can’t stands no more, grab some of me bestest energy blend and get back in tha’ ring!” – My energy drink tells me today.  I’m sorry, but I just d...
caffeinated candy

Coffee Thins

Every once in a while even after over a thousand different energy samples I come across something that just puts me on my ear.   I am just minding my business in a coffeehouse and see something which seems too good to be t...

workout/sports energy drinks

Rockstar Energy Water – Tropical Citrus

I love caffeinated energy water.   Since I have been forcing myself to go to the gym I have found that more and more I have been scouring good drinks to take with me during my morning sweat.   Working out with an ener...