Posted March 29, 2009 by bigredboots in Brewed Coffee

Shock Organic ground coffee

I was very excited when I got this beautiful package by Shock Coffee, a great caffeinated company in Washington. These people don’t mess around – always providing one heck of an amazing coffee product. What I was not ready for is the amazingly good Certified Kosher, fair trade, organic coffee inside.
I knew Shock Coffee from their delicious and super extra strong coffee energy drinks, but not from any ground coffees – let alone one that was organic and free trade. I was also taken aback by it’s freshness and bright clean flavor – much tastier than my usual organic fair trade breakfast blend coffee I drink regularly from Whole Foods.

This is some very premium stuff – from a company which usually prides itself on delivery of the super strong buzz. They used a very interesting method to suck the oxygen out of the coffee pack to help keep it fresh – and sell these in small 2 pot fresh-paks, so they don’t have a change to go stale in the foil bag. There is no more added caffeine in the organic blend, unlike their coffee drinks, concentrating on getting a high class coffee roast instead.

I really loved the aroma of this coffee appealing, as it gave off a right buttery almond smell easily, so I did not have to worry about the freshness of this pot. The acidity in the cup brings a bright and lively taste – it is not at all sour, and presents some dryness on the back of the tongue. I found it to be a very lively blend for a couple cups to get me going – with a toasted grain-like finish. There is a real complexity to the taste – very balanced and not at all sour or murky.

About the caffeine dosage – this was pretty mild. I would guess as this is a very high-quality coffee, it would not have the same high levels of caffeine you would get from your average cup of crapola Folgers – and was able to even share a cup with friends after an early dinner and got to bed decently. So while it might not be the blend you need to recover from your sleepless nights, this blend can stand up there with the Big Footprint Coffee Conglomerates out there with this exceptional roast.