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Welcome to the new Possessedbycaffeine site! Things will be messy for a couple weeks while we move into our new home, but plan on having all the reviews, ratings and comments all back to rights soon. Thanks!
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News, Info and Reviews from the world's most popular drug


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Latest Posts
coffee energy drinks

Protein to Go French Vanilla Latte energy shot

Protein to Go does not make their caffeinated French Vanilla Latte energy shots any more.  At first I thought this was because of the exorbitant four bucks you need to spend on the energy shot – which really does not...
energy tablets and powders

Eruption Energy powder – Lava Lime flavor

I know I can be a little rough on energy drink powders.  I seem to get particularly picky with my supplements when they come in a mixer form – especially ones that make my water get all fizzy.  They almost alway...

energy tea

Zest Tea

I am not really much of a tea drinker.  Yes, I do love my Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane variety and have had quite a few good tea based energy drinks, but by and large I would rather settle down with a big cuppa joe than ...

caffeine Free

Frog Fuel Protein shot

Getting myself up and off to the gym is never an easy task.   The only way I can manage to get in a decent workout before work and life starts up is to get to the gym at 6AM, which means getting up and ready for the gym we...
energy tablets and powders

G Fuel Energy mix

G Fuel is not the drink mix you expect it to be.  This stuff is put out by Gamma Labs – the ones behind many of those sports supplements you can find in GNC and other weightlifting shops.  They sell big jugs of ...

workout/sports energy drinks

Monster Muscle Mocha Protein Shake

I was looking for this new monster flavor for quite a long time, since I saw it showing up on blogs and heard friends talking about it. Yet no matter where I looked for it, there was no sign.   Little did I know I had...